Why ACU-Serve?

The ACU-Serve Difference

Cost Efficiency
  • Investment in office space, equipment, software, management, hiring, training, and employee benefits and wages significantly decrease
  • Variable cost versus fixed cost
Advanced Analytics
  • Visibility into every interaction with claims to identify improvements and eliminate unnecessary touches
  • Quantified data provides actionable items to fix preventable problems quickly
  • Streamline processes and stabilize cashflow
Dedicated, Full-time team
  • Provides focus and consistency to increase efficiency and quality
  • Allows for better coverage
  • Irrespective of working hours or influxes, our team ensures timely completion of orders/invoices
Complete Management Oversight
  • Our team works directly with key contacts to ensure orders/invoices are processed accurately and timely
  • Our team allows the provider to focus on their core business, serving their referral sources and patients
Software Optimization
  • Ensure you are fully utilizing your investment In your existing technology
  • Establish best practices that align with your business model
  • Eliminate unnecessary costs
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