Infusion Outsourcing

Traditional Outsourcing (Home Infusion)

In traditional Outsourcing ACU-Serve assumes all responsibilities of the provider’s in-house billing staff. ACU-Serve works with the provider to ensure all claims have gone through an intake and coding review prior to submission. After the claim has gone through the coding and charge amount review, ACU-Serve will provide the following:

*Additional Service Offered by ACU-Serve

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AR Collection Services

ACU-Serve will work all open AR identified by your company, allowing your team to focus on growth opportunities.

ACU-Serve Responsibilities

Front end rejections
Batch failures
Open AR
Print HCFAs
Price Table, System and Payer Optimization
Cash Posting
  • Post all payments
  • Identify Refund liabilities
  • Post all denials
  • ERA/ERN optimization

Client Responsibilities

Non ACU-Serve payers front end rejections, collections, and cash posting
Prior Authorizations – New, Expired, and Expiring
CMNs – New, Expired and Expiring
Additional Documentation needed to collect open / submitted AR
Patients New to Medicare

New Insurance for denied patients if ACU-Serve is unable to identify the new insurance
Equipment Restarts due to initial non-qualifying or insurance changes
New 5 – Year RUL patients
Pre and Post pay audits and all associated denials
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