HME/DME Outsourcing

Traditional Outsourcing (HME/DME)

In traditional Outsourcing, ACU-Serve assumes all of the provider’s in-house billing staff responsibilities.

The provider will do all intake and compliance reviews for claims to be worked by ACU-Serve.

After the claim has gone through the compliance review and other intake functions, ACU-Serve will provide the following:

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AR Collection Services

ACU-Serve will work all open AR identified by your company, allowing your team to focus on growth opportunities.

ACU-Serve Responsibilities

Front end rejections
Batch failures
Open AR
Print HCFAs
Price Table, System and Payer Optimization
 Cash Posting
  • Post all payments
  • Identify Refund liabilities
  • Post all denials
  • ERA/ERN optimization

Client Responsibilities

Non ACU-Serve payers front end rejections, collections, and cash posting
Prior Authorizations – New, Expired, and Expiring
CMNs – New, Expired and Expiring
Additional Documentation needed to collect open / submitted AR
Patients New to Medicare

New Insurance for denied patients if ACU-Serve is unable to identify the new insurance
Equipment Restarts due to initial non-qualifying or insurance changes
New 5 – Year RUL patients
Pre and Post pay audits and all associated denials
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