Client Testimonials

Steve Baker: ACU-Serve improves businesses by helping people in the DME industry do the front end right, do intake right and make sure they have the documentation you need to bill.

Kimberly Cuce: Being a partner with ACU-Serve gives you resources that you can’t normally obtain within your own company, they become a true partner and help you with every aspect of your business.

Will Linn, Respiratory Manager for OSF Home Medical Equipment, talks about the partnership mentality that ACU-Serve has with their clients. He talks about how ACU-Serve uses their years of experience to streamline processes and educate them. Having ACU-Serve as a partner gives them the best of both worlds by representing the OSF brand with ACU-Serve’s expertise behind it.

Mark Schnieders, President of Stride Mobility, talks about the importance of having a team like ACU-Serve that understands the flow of data they’re providing, how to manage it and what it means to the business owner. ACU-Serve is not only a billing service, it’s a consulting service that helps keep Stride Mobility compliant and make sure they are doing business the right way, every single time.

Tamela Branch, Revenue Cycle Analyst for Medical Services of America, talks about how ACU-Serve’s transparency sets them apart. ACU-Serve gives their clients tools to use to help them be successful and is efficient in providing them with essential data.

Laura Williard, Vice President of AAHomecare, talks about how having a partnership with ACU-Serve is vital to keeping the HME industry involved in the important conversations happening in the industry and how the data and information provided to them by ACU-Serve helps prepare them for their advocacy efforts.

Jason Shiflet, CEO of Home Medical Products, talks about the advantage of doing business with ACU-Serve.

Edwards Healthcare CEO, Matt Edwards, shares how ACU-Serve has helped them reduce write-offs, understand trends, and improve the productivity and efficiency of their employees.


Working with ACU-Serve has allowed Edwards Healthcare to focus on growing their business, as well as given them the software and tools to scale.


Using the software and technology from ACU-Serve allows Edwards Healthcare to be more proactive and predictive in their analyses and use the data at hand to prioritize claims in a more efficient manner.


Matt Edwards talks about the relationship with ACU-Serve and how ACU-Serve operates as an extension of their business rather than as a typical contractual vendor. 

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