Intake Optimization PAR Services

Intake / Customer Service

ACU-Serve will process the order completely, (Client) simply delivers the product. We handle the rest.

ACU-Serve Responsibility

Process incoming orders

  • Notify physicians and patients an order has been received

Answer incoming physician or discharge planners dedicated phone line
Documentation Retrieval

  • Compliance documentation
  • Obtain qualifying refill notes and continue use documentation for supply items

Insurance eligibility to include PAR requirements

Review copay and deductible with patient
Collect Autopay
Schedule delivery
Confirm order
Customized SOP
Automated outbound call and texting

  • Inform patient of a pending order
  • Insurance terminations
  • Physician appointments

Client Responsibility

Discharge Orders
Equipment delivery
Obtain ABN at time of delivery
Patient billing questions

New 5-Year RUL patients
Pre and Post Pay Audit Submission

Traditional Outsourcing (HME/DME)

Intake staff is often overwhelmed by non-standard payor requirements and the constant follow up associated with getting claims ready to be released and paid without multiple attempts. In today’s environment of reimbursement cuts and diminishing profit margins, providers are forced to improve all processes related to revenue cycle and avoid unnecessary interaction with claims. By leveraging technology, ACU-Serve can assist with streamlining the intake process!

ACU-Serve has proven processes and technology that allow its staff to not only address the stream of new patients, but also deal with additional documentation requests and follow up necessary to avoid non-compliance and write offs.

PAR Services

ACU-Serve understands the importance of keeping patients compliant and how it affects a provider’s ability to get paid. By keeping up with payor requirements for renewal & expired PARs, ACU-Serve makes sure patients stay in a compliant and billable status.

The process includes:

ACU-Serve will review the requirements established by payors for requesting a renewal/expired prior authorization.

ACU-Serve will obtain all required documents from Client’s electronic medical record system, according to the PAR coverage requirements,

  1. ACU-Serve will review the content of the records for compliance with coverage standards.
  2. ACU-Serve will ensure that the required documents are provided as part of the PAR submission.
  3. If documentation is not available within the electronic medical record system, ACU-Serve will contact the physician or other medical provider to obtain the necessary documentation.

ACU-Serve provides monthly reporting outlining the PARs that have been submitted on the Client’s behalf and the outcome of any PAR requests.

Client will assist and provide ACU-Serve with all required access to any systems needed for submitting the requested PARs.

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