ACU-Serve Webinars

Operational Best Practices - Lessons Learned from the Road

with Guest Speaker Miriam Lieber
November 2023
Join Miriam Lieber,  principal consultant with Lieber Consulting, LLC, as she discusses how to improve your operational workflow by staying on top of the trends and patterns of the industry so you can maximize your opportunities for success.

Keeping Medicare Non-Bid, Non-Rural Fee Increase

with Guest Speaker Ashley Plauche'
October 2023
The 32% increase in payment for non-bid non-rural areas expires in January - which will create a ripple effect across other payers whose rates are tied to Medicare. This is a perfect storm for the HME Industry after already seeing a 40% consolidation in unique HME companies over the last 10 years, and it’s imperative that we act now to preserve the HME safety net that millions rely on to maintain their independence at home. In this session, you will learn about the legislation that will prevent these cuts, what you can do to effectively advocate for your business and the people you serve, and how to leverage turnkey resources to make an impact.

Payer Relations in Focus

with Guest Speaker Laura Williard
September 2023
This session reviews HME payer relations efforts throughout the country and look at trends and opportunities we are seeing as an industry. This session focuses on Commercial, Medicaid, Managed Care, and other non-traditional Medicare payers. The COVID-19 pandemic has presented us with unique challenges as well as the opportunity to shine as an industry. Now is the time to highlight our value to payers and reshape the narrative for HME.

Become a Best Practice Success: KPI's to Fit Your Corporate Strategy​

Presented by Sarah Hanna
August 2023

KPI’s are not always a “one size fits all” solution to hitting goals outlined by your company. Metrics used in the industry need to be qualified against your company nuances and reporting differentials. In this presentation, Sarah will discuss the questions you should ask when bringing outside benchmarks into your strategic plan. This webinar provides a framework of areas to evaluate to ensure the metrics chosen are realistic for your business.

Employee Accountability - Make People your Priority

with Guest Speaker, Miriam Lieber
July 2023
From orientation to on boarding, training, retraining and more, how do you know how well your employees are doing? What do you measure and monitor and why? From setting goals and expectations to team building and engagement, retention starts at the outset. In this webinar, discuss how and why employee satisfaction correlates to customer satisfaction. The more content the employee, the more satisfied the customer. This enables the company’s bottom line to flourish.

Payer Engagement Resources

with Guest Speaker, David Chandler
June 2023
Navigating through payer relations with Commercial payers, Medicare Advantage plans, and Managed Medicaid plans can be challenging for HME suppliers. Preparing yourself with information is always the first step prior to scheduling any meetings with these plans. AAHomecare has collected resources and talking points to use in your discussions with these payers. This session reviews tools and resources available to assist in your payer engagement.

What DME Suppliers Must Know Before Billing Medicare for DMEPOS for Hospice Patients

Presented by Noel Neil
May 2023
According to a report published by the OIG in November 2021, Medicare improperly paid suppliers an estimated $117 million over 4 years for Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics, and Supplies provided to hospice beneficiaries. Join Noel Neil, ACU-Serve's Vice President of Auditing and Corporate Compliance, as he breaks down the report. The presentation focuses on the OIG’s findings, their recommendations, CMS’s response, the correct application of the GW modifier and potential implications of inappropriately applying the GW modifier according to the report. The presentation also covers current Medicare activities and steps providers should take to mitigate their risk if they decide to bill with the GW modifier.
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