Since 1994, ACU-Serve has helped HME/DME and Infusion companies streamline billing processes and comply with ever-changing federal and insurance industry regulations to ensure our clients collect more, faster.

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Is your cash flow inhibited by denied claims, longstanding accounts receivables or inconsistent payments? ACU-Serve can help with outsourcing, right sourcing, audit and documentation retrieval/validation services as well as special projects.

HME/DME Outsourcing

ACU-Serve assumes all responsibilities of the provider’s in-house billing staff.

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Infusion Outsourcing

ACU-Serve’s IV infusion billing solutions deliver best-in-class insurance reimbursements.

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Right Sourcing

Right Sourcing, along with staff augmentation, is a middle ground between “insourcing” or having an in house billing team and traditional outsourcing.

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Intake Optimization/PAR

ACU-Serve has developed a model that allows providers to identify bottlenecks in the intake process with quantified data. ACU-Serve can take responsibility of the PAR process and provide all necessary feedback to avoid write offs.

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Documentation Retrieval/Validation

ACU-Serve has created a documentation and validation service to assist you with providing the proper documentation for equipment and services.

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Special Projects

ACU-Serve can help address all facets of the revenue cycle with short-term, project-based services that allow your staff to focus on daily billing activities.

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ACU-Serve – the HME/DME and Infusion Industry’s Most Trusted Billing and Collection Service since 1994.



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