The Most Trusted Billing and Collection Service in the Healthcare Industry.

A unique approach to revenue cycle management for Healthcare Providers

Powering Possibilities Through Technology

The ACU-Serve Difference

Cost Efficiency
Investment in office space, equipment, software, management, hiring, training, and employee benefits and wages significantly decrease
Advanced Analytics
Visibility into every interaction with claims to identify improvements and eliminate unnecessary touches
Dedicated, Full-time team
Provides focus and consistency to increase efficiency and quality
Complete Management Oversight
Our team works directly with key contacts to ensure orders/invoices are processed accurately and timely
Software Optimization
Ensure you are fully utilizing your investment In your existing technology

Learn why ACU-Serve is leading the industry

Our Results Speak for Themselves

Collection % in the 90% range
1 %
90+ AR less than 15%
1 %
Current AR minimum of 60%
1 %
Providing advanced analytics and workflow tools that empower your team to gain control of the revenue cycle. Unleash your team's potential to recreate processes and improvement in your A/R teams! From handling changes with insurance plans and increasing payment operations and engineering, enable your teams to deliver the ultimate customer experience with the right tools with your billing platform.

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