ACU-Serve Corporation – The Industry’s Most Trusted Billing and Collection Service

Since 1994, ACU-Serve has helped HME/DME companies streamline billing processes and comply with ever-changing federal and insurance industry regulations to ensure our clients collect more revenue, faster.

We are a privately held company located in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, which employs more than 85 people and operates a billing center that collects in excess of $110 million annually for clients in 32 states.

Our company is led by Jim Knight, co-founder and CEO, along with business partner Tom Meadows.

Together we are committed to offering you a seamless billing solution, so you can remain focused on providing outstanding products and services to your patients, rather than worrying about receivables and cash flow. Our services have helped owners of mid- to large-size HME/DME companies grow revenue and successfully compete with much larger national firms.

Your success is our success

For three consecutive years, ACU-Serve has been named to the Weatherhead 100 list of the fastest growing companies in northeast Ohio. While we are proud of this growth, we know the greatest measure of our success is the success we help our clients achieve.

Our team of industry professionals

Across all levels of our organization, we attract and retain team members who bring the right mix of experience and knowledge of the HME/DME billing industry. We also make significant investments in technology and training to give them the tools they need to excel – both professionally and on behalf of our clients.

Along with our outsourced billing teams, we also offer managed services that take outsourcing to a new level. Through this model, we acquire and manage our clients’ internal billing staff. By providing the management, technology and training, we ensure these staff members operate as efficiently and effectively as possible. In this way, we are creating a pool of qualified HME/DME billing professionals across the country.



Our company is led by Jim Knight, co-founder and CEO, along with business partner Tom Meadows.

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